The DollsPride Administrator is responsible for safeguarding the anonymity of all members, and for ensuring a secure social network experience. Persons deemed to be engaged in inappropriate behavior may be banned or removed from the site without notification.

Please respect that most of our members value and guard their true identities, and the site is managed accordingly. For this reason, membership approval is not automatic or guaranteed, and once approved it may be terminated at anytime if there is even a hint of impropriety.

All new members will be subject to a 30 day probation period. During this time you should (as a minimum) complete your profile's "TURN ON'S," "TURN OFF'S" and "ABOUT ME" sections. You should also provide a PROFILE PHOTO (or illustration), which suggests a sympathetic relationship with our community. Failure to accomplish this within 30 days may subject your account to removal or ban. Periodically, the Administrator may spot check accounts - if yours is found to be non compliant, it may be subject to removal or ban without notice.

Soliciting members of this site using Blogs, Bulletins and Emails will be regarded as SPAM, and may cause your account to be suspended. Please use the Marketplace for this type of communication with our members. You may also upload photos of items that you are selling with suitable descriptions, and you may add comments about items that you are selling on your 'own' profile. You can also inquire about banner ads by using the 'Contact' link at the bottom of the site.