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Snedker Stokholm
Snedker Stokholm joined the community.
PolaTV updated their profile picture.
Mar Cus
Mar Cus and spiegel are now friends.
Living Doll
Living Doll joined the community.
tvtvwatcher added a new comment on T-Vyrus's photo.
T Looking very good. Hugs, Danielle
Marilyn Bardot
Marilyn Bardot added a new comment on marissatv's photo.
I can really see an evolution in your craft of late, Marissa, towards glamourcool and sexinesswhistling (both of which I am VERY partial to!!!). Sweet outfit and nicely toned legs encased in lovely shiny hosiery. Keep em coming!em3600
Marilyn Bardot
Marilyn Bardot added a new comment on Sara Johansson's photo.
Wow!whistling Very nice, Sara. Love the cute pose, the sweet outfit, the eye contact and of course, the sexy curvesdrool. Great work!001_smile
icorow and maskslave are now friends.
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